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Corporate Leased Lines

Our team work with large organisations to identify the perfect Corporate Leased Line or MPLS solution for their company or group. We work closely with all of the major Leased Line providers to help you identify the perfect solution and associated speeds to provide the very best for your business.

Delivering the ultimate experience in guaranteed data transfer, with up to 10 Gbps bandwidth available, our solutions offer dedicated connectivity to provide corporate businesses with high-speed, high-quality internet access for large file transfer, video, voice or business-critical applications.

Multi-Site Connectivity

When you choose to provide your Wide Area Network (WAN), you can consolidate your network into a single enterprise infrastructure. This not only reduces network complexity and costs, it also makes it easy to monitor and control IT systems in various locations with minimal fuss and hassle.

Our solutions are ideal for corporate businesses who run cloud services, Voice over IP (VoIP) and business critical programs which require symmetrical bandwidth to always be available and with speeds that can be uplifted at any given time.

Our converged network means you have one platform for everything, delivering multiple levels of QoS to prioritise business critical applications such as voice, video and cloud.   The network IPVN offered by our suppliers is completely flexible, and can support your network requirements today as well as your future business needs – even if you don’t know what they are just yet!

Competitive Pricing deliver cost-effective Corporate Leased Lines and MPLS services across the UK at highly competitive prices, and have vast experience in delivering solutions for both single and multi site locations.

If you are a corporate business with a requirement for high speeds, you can trust our expert team to find you a quote that suits your needs. If your business needs a leased line or MPLS solution, complete our enquiry form above and we will email you with a quote.  Get a quote

Our Price Promise!

We work with every single top tier provider in the UK and offer a price promise guarantee when you order a Corporate Leased Line or MPLS solution from us. If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, simply let us know. If it’s a “like for like” proposal, we will do our best to beat it for you!

Are you eligible for a Gigabit Voucher?

Businesses in the UK could be eligible to claim up to £2,500 towards gigabit capable connectivity through the government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme.  The initial scheme runs until 31 March 2021 or until the funding is fully consumed.  Vouchers issued are for up to £2,500 and are to cover the cost of installation of full fibre.

Corporate businesses are sometimes able to claim the voucher but this depends on the structure and size of the business.  There are also other terms and conditions surrounding the voucher scheme which can be found here under the terms of the Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

  • Maximum Employees

    You must employ a maximum of 249 employees to qualify for the gigabit voucher scheme

  • Annual Turnover

    To qualify for the gigabit voucher, your annual turnover must be less than 50 Million Euros

  • Grant Limit

    In order to qualify you must not have claimed in excess of £200k of grants in the last three years

  • Full Terms & Conditions

    For full terms and conditions of the gigabit voucher scheme, please visit here

  • Get In Touch

    Call us on 01675 432 111 if you want to discuss the voucher scheme and whether it can benefit your business

View our Leased Line and MPLS Suppliers work with all of the UK’s leading Large Business Leased Line Suppliers.  Click the relevant supplier from the list below to get further information on each of these suppliers, what they offer and therefore select the best for your business.

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What Leased Line Options are Available?

What type of Leased Line should we buy? There are four main ways a leased line can be delivered; Leased Lines via Fibre Ethernet, A Point-to-Point Leased Line, GEA/EoFTTC (Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

Click a link below to get more information on each type of Leased Line we can offer and therefore make the best choice for your individual business.

Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines

A fast, dedicated, managed & uncontended internet connection which is delivered directly to your premises.

Point to Point Leased Lines

A dedicated & managed point-to-point connection between 2 buildings, perfect for multi-location businesses.

Ethernet over FTTP

A low cost connection with symmetrical speeds of up to 19Mbps used over existing fibre or copper cable.

Fibre to the Premises

Speeds of up to 1 Gbp/s and a 5:1 contention ratio and up to 50% more cost effective than a Leased Line.

What are the Benefits of a Leased Line

  • No Sharing provides you with your own dedicated Leased Line so you do not have to  share your connection with anybody else.

  • Gigabit Voucher

    Most small businesses are able to claim the gigabit voucher meaning you could be entitled to grant of up to £2,500 towards your leased line fees.

  • Unlimited Usage

    With our Leased Lines, data is unlimited and you will never have to worry about expensive, frustrating data caps or usage policies.

  • 99.99% Service Levels

    The internet is mission critical so the thought of down-time is not good! We have an outstanding 99.999% uptime for your total peace of mind.

  • Large Capacity

    A leased line allows a substantial number of users to simultaneously be online, regardless of what applications they are running.

  • Expert Support

    If you have issues with your Leased Line, our expert technical support team are available 24/7 to help resolve problems quickly.

  • Added Layer of Security

    We monitor our network 24/7 and also provide a 100% SLA for all our leased lines for that extra peace of mind and to maximise up time.

  • Full Managed Router

    High end routers which come “as standard” with all our Leased Lines are fully managed and allow us to monitor your connection.

  • Symmetrical Speeds

    As opposed to outdated broadband connections, a leased line allows you to upload and download data at ultra fast, symmetrical speeds.

  • Upgradable Speeds

    Our Leased Lines can easily be upgraded to meet the requirements of your business whenever you like. *subject to the bearer size.

  • Clout with the Carriers

    We work closely with all of the major UK Leased Line carriers so we can deliver your solution quickly, efficiently and competitively.

  • Very Low Latency

    High latency is common on standard connections and can seriously affect business services such as VoIP. We have sub 20ms as standard!