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Fibre Ethernet Leased Line / Business Ethernet

Fibre Ethernet is the ultimate in leased line connectivity. It’s the best of the best! It’s an end-to-end fibre leased line solution which offers reliability and speeds no other connectivity product can match.

Importantly, business Ethernet fibre leased line is available to businesses in almost any location, regardless of whether fibre is available in your area or not.

A VoIP system can be handled with ease, as can multiple VoIP phone calls, large file transfers, heavy streaming and much more. With speeds of up to 10Gbps and ultra low latency, you can ensure that the most demanding and data-heavy applications can be handled with ease.

Full fibre Ethernet is the perfect choice for a business looking to take complete control of its connectivity. Dedicated fibre Ethernet connectivity has an important role to play in business continuity. It is the preferred choice for businesses where any loss of service would have a major impact, either financially or operationally.

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Are we able to get a Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

Almost every business is now able to access fibre via a leased Line. The nearer you are to a town or city, the lower the cost and the more chance there will be of a viable route to get fibre into your building. The majority of the UK is now covered but there will always be a few problem areas which may require the exploration of other technologies such as 5G.

If you live in the middle of a field surrounded by nothing then you still may be able to get a Leased Line however, Leased Line providers always cover their backs with something known as “excess construction charges”. These charges are essentially passed on to the customer if they exceed a certain level.

If excess construction charges are identified and you do not want to pay these fees, at this point you are able to simply cancel the order and explore other options. 

We look at every order request individually so normally we are able to add excess charges on to your monthly bill over the term of your contract which gives us a lot more flexibility than the majority of providers in the UK.

How long does a Leased Line take to install?

There are a number of factors that can impact the time it takes to implement a leased line so while we indicate that it will take on average 60 working days, in reality this will depend on the outcome of any site surveys we conduct and whether any works are needed that will require the input of outside agencies, such as local councils or landlords.

The good news is that as we manage the provisioning process ourselves. Your dedicated account manager along side our provisioning team will be able to keep you updated on the progress of the order makes its way through the process up until connection.

How fast can Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines go?

Leased Lines are able to provide speeds ranging from 10 Mbps right the way up to 10 Gbps depending on the location and the application required by you, the customer!

Leased Lines can normally provide a speed suitable for every business of every size whether you you an small manufacturer or a large corporate business with multiple offices.

The most common speed in the UK at time of writing (May 2019) is 100 Mbps but as data hungry applications, software and telephone systems evolve this will likely rise to the standard becoming 1 Gbps within the next decade.

What equipment is needed?

With all our Fibre Ethernet Leased Line connections we provide a top of the range Cisco router which is delivered to you pre-configured out of the box for you or your IT team to connect to your network.
If a router that we’ve provided fails, we’ll arrange for a pre-configured replacement to be couriered to your business site on the next working day. Replacements will be made on a like-for-like basis.

Our price promise!

We work with every single top tier provider in the UK and offer a price promise guarantee when you order a Leased Line from us.

If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, simply let us know. If it’s a “like for like” proposal, we will do our best to beat it for you!

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